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How to Live Sustainably in Lockdown

by Sarah Thomas |  | 2 comments

As life comes to a standstill, and staying home 24/7 becomes the new normal, there has never been a better time than now to be more conscious about how we live our day to day lives.

Conversations surrounding climate change have dominated the media in recent months, and at the rate our Earth is heating up, it is unsustainable for the environment. Focus has turned to how we can clean up our act, and as a result, the planet.

Understandably, these stories can be scary and leave some of us wondering what we can do to help.

Fortunately, making a difference can be as easy as enacting simple changes in our everyday lives, and turning good intentions into permanent habits.

What’s even better is that these adjustments don’t have to be expensive, so put a halt to installing those high-tech solar panels and check out our suggestions on how to live sustainably during lockdown.

Grow your own

small shoot growing in the soil One of the leading issues since lockdown was enforced is getting to the supermarket and navigating the bare shelves. Growing your own food not only eliminates that issue but helps the environment too. The end result means zero waste, no need for plastic packaging and food free of residual pesticides.


a small greenhouse containing plants in pots

 Not to mention the health benefits. Having food in its freshest form is the tastiest and most nutritional way to eat. Plus, it’s a fun way to fill all the time we now have. So, get your wellies on, dust off those tools and get in the garden.

Shop local

a chalk sign thanking people for shopping local

Of course, you can’t grow everything (I have personally never seen a baked beans tree), so for the things you can’t plant, why not shop at your local stores and support your community. Many independent shops aren’t experiencing the issues larger supermarkets are facing and are quieter and fully stocked up.

In fact, local shops need our support more than ever. Shopping this way greatly reduces the impact on our environment as there is less pollution, with products being made closer to home, and often, produce is packaged organically and plastic-free.

Ditch the plastic

a woman in a refill shop, topping up her seeds

Plastic seems to invade every aspect of our lives. However, we don’t need to rely on it like we think. Alternatives to plastic are easy to come by and are a cheap change to make.

At EcoAlyn, our Cotton Mesh Produce bags are made from organic and recycled materials, come in a variety of sizes and are the perfect replacement to transport your goods or organise your suitcase. What’s better is they are reusable. Simply handwash or machine wash at a cold temperature, and the bags are good to go again and again.

Eco-friendly energy

Now is an opportune time to evaluate where your energy is coming from, and to research green energy suppliers that are available. The harmful effects of fossil fuels on our environment is no secret and choosing renewable energy sources means no greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our dependence on imported fuels.

a photograph of a hillside wind farm

It is a hassle-free process with undeniable benefits to the environment. Switching to 100% renewable energy suppliers is an easy way to build a sustainable home.

Get creative in the kitchen

father and son having fun cooking in the kitchen

Remember that forgotten about packet of flour at the back of the cupboard? Or the chutney that’s been in the fridge for who knows how long? It’s time to love leftovers and use up all the food in the house before restocking.

Living sustainably means reducing waste as much as possible. So be mindful about what you are throwing away and start experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and use all the resources you have available.

Sustainable self-care

With barbers, salons and spas all closed, staying on top of self-care at home has never been more important.

Sadly, beauty products are often made from single-use plastic, which is notoriously harmful to the environment.

At EcoAlyn, we do our bit to combat this, providing people with eco-friendly alternatives, like our bamboo organic cotton buds, and our bamboo charcoal toothbrushes.

Not only are our materials ethically sourced, but we offer tips on how to upcycle products once you have finished using them. Why not put your used cotton buds in the compost pile? Or how about adding the toothbrush to your gardening tool-box? Self-care doesn’t have to hurt the planet.

a live sustainable 2d picture of a house with a brown background

It’s important to remember not to strive for perfection. Sometimes changes may not work for you, so be realistic. Any small effort that is made is positive. By adopting some of these tips, you can do your bit for the planet and live a more sustainable lifestyle.