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bamboo benefits with a black background and illustrated inforgraphics

The worlds most renewable material!

Renowned as being one of the strongest materials on the planet, its also very flexibile.

Growing up to 3ft in 24 hours and taking 3-5 years to regrow to adult plant size.

Requiring no pesticides, no fertilisers and little water for growth.

It is clear to see why Bamboo can be considered the super hero of the plant world.

eco warrior taking a walk in the bamboo forest

Eco Warrior

Almost 1 million acres of forest are lost each week due to deforestation. Bamboo's versatility provides a substitute for slower growing hardwoods, offering a chance to reduce this figure.

Bamboo helps rebuild eroded soil, important in the process of reforestation. Bamboo replenishes nutrients such as potassium in depleted soil and its amazing root structure provides support for repopulation of other species.

Bamboo is carbon neutral and absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than similar plants. It also produces 35% more oxygen in comparison!

Bamboo, what can't it do?

Bamboo stem has a stronger structure than steel and has the advantage of being lighter, so this makes it the ideal material for construction. You can see it being used in Asia to build roads, bridges, houses and scaffolding.


Its antibacterial properties make it an excellent material for utensils, cutlery, containers and beauty products.


Textiles can also be made from Bamboo, favoured for being more lightweight and softer than cotton.

eco-friendly bamboo product toaster tongs

The Bamboo used at EcoAlyn

Most Bamboo species are native to warm, moist tropical and warm temperate climates.

EcoAlyn work hard to ethically source our Bamboo from farms based mainly in China.

Suppliers are well researched to ensure they align with our social and environmental values. Before a partnership is made, we ensure the welfare of the local communities, environment and staff are being met.

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natural growing bamboo with dried up leaves on the ground



1-Bamboo is a grass and not a wood.


2-There are more than 1,000 species of bamboo in the world.


3-Bamboo comes in a variety of colours including blue, black, red and yellow.


4-Bamboo related industries employ over 2.2 billion people.


5-In chinese culture, Bamboo is considered a symbol of virtue, positivity and grace.

6-Bamboo roots can be ground up for use in healing tonics as well as medicines and teas.


7-Every part of the Bamboo plant has a use! Perfect for zero waste living.